Rita Philpott


Area of Service: Gathering Grounds, barista

When did you begin service in the CLC? When it opened in 2016.

Why did you want to be a part of the CLC ministry? I had previously been involved in the coffee ministry prior to the CLC opening and love being able to serve our community and contribute to the family atmosphere at Bonsack.

What has been a highlight of your time in the CLC? Volunteering at the Gathering Grounds is fun, sometimes hard work, but most of all rewarding. I’ve been so excited God has led me to this opportunity where I meet new people, get to know members better and enjoy a great cup of coffee! It’s great to share with visitors that the CLC is for the community. They are in awe. I’ve seen visitors become members because of the family atmosphere Bonsack offers.

Are there any other thoughts that you would like to share? Gathering Grounds is also a ministry to those who live in third world countries to improve their way of life by using Fair Trade practice. By using Land of a Thousand Hills coffee, we support people and missions in Rwanda, Brazil, and the Caribbean. It is a way for our people to impact the world by doing something that they do every day, drinking coffee.