Shameless Audacity

"...yet because of your shameless audacity he will surely get up and give you as much as you need." Luke 11:8

Most of us have probably not been accused of shameless audacity before. Would it be so bad? Would you mind being the "one" that had such faith that you asked Almighty God for something that only Almighty God could accomplish? Batterson writes that, "if we aren't willing to risk our reputation, we'll never establish God's. He goes on to ask, "why do we mistakenly think God is offended by our prayers for the impossible? The truth is that God is offended by anything less." It's the impossible prayers that honor God because they reveal our faith and allow God to reveal His glory!

What are you praying for Bonsack Baptist Church? What should we be doing that we cannot do in our own strength and within our own resources and that only God can accomplish? That's the kind of audacity we need to foster if we are to see God move in a powerful way and impact this city. Do we trust God enough to have a vision beyond our resources? What are you praying for? 

To God be the Glory!