A Vision for Sunday Mornings

God is at work in the Roanoke Valley. He seeks and saves the lost through believers open to join with Him. Bonsack has been a part of this work for over 100 years. The Community Life Center (CLC) is a tool God can use to continue to accomplish His purpose. Sunday Morning Bible Study (Sunday School) is a big part of how we have reached out to our community. However, many adult classes are crowded, which is uninviting to guests. For the past five years, the lack of vacant classrooms has impeded our ability to start new groups. The CLC will provide much needed space, but will we be ready? When the CLC opens, we anticipate many guests and we need to be ready to receive them with new classes. So what does this mean to members? Well, we can start classes but they only succeed when the church is ready with a kingdom perspective. Existing classes may be moved, chairs may be swapped, and friends may leave your class to become part of a new one. God’s love for the lost is our motivation for remaining flexible, embracing change, stepping out of our comfort zones, and helping to start new classes. Please pray that we are prepared to be part of His work of changing lives for eternity.