Space to Gather

One of the needs that we are attempting to meet with the Community Life Center is to have an open space where people can congregate without feeling claustrophobic.  Currently the hallways are very narrow and there is not much space outside either the Sanctuary or Community Room to fellowship.  The atrium will not only solve this problem but add a new dynamic to the church. 

The atrium is the two story welcome center at the front of the CLC.  It will be the new hub of the church.  Not only will it be the way to access the fellowship hall, gym, coffee shop, and the current building but it is a place designed for fellowship.  The entire front wall is a huge glass window that will afford a great view of Read Mountain and allow natural light to filter into the church.  There is a large grand staircase that will allow access between floors.  There will be seating arrayed throughout both floors of the atrium so that you can enjoy conversations with friends both old and new or settle in with your computer and a cup of coffee.  There will also be adequate space to stand around and mingle after the services on Sunday morning are concluded.

In addition to being a space that will allow for movement throughout the building and fellowship, the atrium will also contain the new information and connection center.  This center will be located just inside the main entrance and will provide information about the various classes and activities that are happening at Bonsack.  It will also be a place where people can get plugged in to the various groups and classes.  It will make it much easier for guests and members alike to navigate Sunday Morning. 

The atrium is a space unlike any that we currently have at Bonsack and will help unite our body as one fellowship and enable us to better welcome new members into our church.