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Silver Sneakers: Is an exercise program by AARP and Humana. Our motto is to have fun, get fit and make friends! Our classes are for all fitness levels and can be done seated or standing. We off lots of options for everyone. Come join us and increase muscle strength so we can get in and out of our cars easier, climb stairs with a little less joint pain. Experience better balance, flexibility and coordination. 45min.class, bring water.

Class is 50mins. Options shown for all fitness levels. Please bring water, towel and yoga mat.

Gentle Yoga Tai Chi: A balanced fusion of Tai Chi, yoga and pilates. Tai chi is known as a gentle form of martial art combined with mindful stretching to improve balance, flexibility and mindfulness. Yoga challenges and strengthens our arms, legs and core. Pilates is similar to yoga but with a heavy emphasizes to the body’s core-abs, obliques, lower body, glutes. ALL these combined together increases muscular strength and stamina. Increases flexibility, coordination and balance as well as gives us a better sense of well -being. Class is for ALL fitness levels (Class can be done seated in a chair). Class is 1 hour with relaxation at the end. Bring water, yoga mat, towel and a friend.

Body Sculpt: An interval style strength training class with intermittent cardio moves designed to tone muscles and burn body fat with Body weight exercises, dumbbells and bands. Class is 50 mins. Options are shown for every fitness level. Bring water and add towel.

SitNBFit: Welcome to SitNBFit! This 40 minute class is a fun fusion of strength training with light weights, resistance bands and gentle flowing movements while sitting in a chair! Strengthen muscles, bones and increase circulation! Great class for beginners or anyone wanting to get stronger without fast paced aerobics dance.

Body and Soul Dance Fitness: It’s not a workout if it’s FUN! Come join the party! Burn fat, increase cardio vascular endurance, tone and tighten muscles and most of all have FUN! Great music and easy to follow routines. Registration ON LINE required!! Go to Class is 50mins. Options shown for all fitness levels. Please bring water.

Clinics: Clinics are offered on a monthly basis.  They cover ways to make improvements to your lifestyle that will improve your health.